Thoughts on the first (short) DMP I2S cable vs. the classic PS Audio I2S Silver

So I finally spent time burning in that short I2S cable we beta testers got with the DMP. I don’t know if I have enough time on it - only about 50-60 hours, but the sound is different. No surprise. Unlike previous cable tests, in this case I’m less sure about which one I like better. The classic AC-12 I2S Silver has a snap in the upper midrange, and has a clarity about it that does a better job of “unraveling” the details of each part of the musical presentation - the thing that the DMP + DS/Torreys already does so well. But the DMP I2S provides a slightly (and I mean slightly) more relaxed sound with only a very slight loss in that inner detail. I can live with either cable. Not sure what others think.

Interesting. I listened briefly to the “DMP” cable between the PWT and PWD Mk2 I had in my second system and wasn’t too impressed in comparison to the PS Audio AC-12 HDMI, but I didn’t have a lot of hours on it. The half meter length doesn’t work for me in my main set up . . . I need a meter or 3/4 meter. . . so I haven’t done a comparison between the DMP and DSD. Thanks for weighing in. If PS Audio decides to offer meter length I may order one. A bit of “relaxed” sound would be a nice comparison.

Hmm, anyone have any experience with how long it takes to burn in an I2S cable? I hope not as long as some analog ICs I’ve had to deal with. 45_gif

I’ll probably get some guff for this:

Digital cables have constant levels of digital signals so they should reach steady state faster than analog cables.

I2S uses lower signal levels than other digital signals so they may take longer than, say, AES/EBU digital cables. If they are made with, say, Teflon insulation, they’ll take forever :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t usually worry about digital cable break-in :slight_smile:

Well, I thought it was time for an update anyway. laugh

The “new” PS Audio I2S cable sounds consistent with my first observations - it is a bit more relaxed than the AC-12. The AC-12 sets a slightly better standard for unraveling each piece of the musical puzzle and presenting in its own little universe - but without making the musical presentation collapse and without destroying the sense of musicality. Having said that, I think the new I2S is growing on me. I don’t really feel like I’ve lost anything, and it just flows so well. In fact, in one specific area it outperforms the AC-12. I can hear the pedal stops in Bill Evans’ piano playing just a bit better than with the AC-12. Weird, but so it is. Very slightly better in that area… I like this new cable.

I did try the Wyred 4 Sound POCC that was recommended in another thread. I have about 80 hours on that cable. Do not like it at all. It’s detailed all right, but it’s also hot and edgy, and not as rhythmic as either of the PS Audio cables. Not a good fit at all in my system.

Thanks for the update Tony. I will definitely try the cable if I can get one in the longer length. Enjoy!

I know we original beta testers got the short version of this cable, but I thought the retail sale DMP came with a 1M length. Is this true? I was wondering if it was the same cable, just at a 1M length, or if it had changed from the short one we got.

my DMP player came with a half meter black cable. have not compared the sound to the older cable that PS had sent with the PWT

Well Paul offered we beta testers that got the .5 meter PS Audio “new” HDMI cable a chance to get the 1 meter cable. Kevin helped me out immediately (as he always does, he’s already a seasoned pro customer service disher-outer) and I received one in the mail. . . FREE!

I have about 20 hours on it so far and am beginning listening and I agree with Tony above: a bit more relaxed, but not lacking detail. So far I really like it. I have a lot of variables going on right now though: breaking in new RCA/Amperex Holland input tubes, new RCA 0A2 input tube voltage regulator tubes) and will soon have Huron via PS Audio SD card to add to the mix. So . . .that does make it a BIT harder to evaluate specific items, but if the sound is great. . . that’s the thing!

I’ll continue breaking this in and then in a few weeks reinstall the PS Audio AC-12 HDMI cable and see how that directly compares. I suspect I’ll have a great listening experience either way. . . .

Has anyone compared the short I2S cable that beta testers got with the longer retail version? In my rack the 1/2 meter just makes it, so I’ve been using that. I didn’t imagine there would be much, if any, sonic difference with the longer cable – but if there is I’ll get one.

I compared the stock 1/2m to the PS Audio top of the line all silver 1m hdmi from long ago and although the stock 1/2m looks more cheap and flimsy, it is clearer and sharper sounding. The stock cable is also clearer than my 1m Pangea and 1 1/2m Kimber HD29 cabe. But my latest 0.3m Wireworld latest Starlight Platinum $500 cables beats them all. More resolution, more air, more dimensional, clearer texture, etc… I don’t know about the others out there, like Audioquest diamond, but right now I have no desire to change the sound any farder. Maybe later. Cables are like tone controls. If your system sounds too sharp and uncomfortable, you can tone it down with duller sounding cables. You usually lose a little detail when you do that. If it is possible, it’s alway better to try a cable before you buy, since every system is different. I sometimes find I like a cheaper cable to a more expensive one in my system. Just buying the most expensive doesn’t guarantee the best results in my experience.

There are those who say that with I2S shorter is better. The rationale as I understand it has been that I2S was designed for short distances (within a device) and not longer distances. I am currently using a 0.3m wireworld HDMI for I2S into my DS and am happy with it. Not sure if longer is less desirable as I never tried it. I had one of the Original .5m silver hdmi that PS Audio used to sell and thought it was great. Kind of wish now I still had it but I sold it when I sold my PWT.

Clifton said

But my latest 0.3m Wireworld latest Starlight Platinum $500 cables beats them all.

Big ditto on this.happy-048_gifI found the one meter stock HDMI cable (not a beta tester cable) lacked snap and pace, it was too laid back. I did some quick research on HMDI cables and went with the 0.3 meter (one foot) Wireworld Starlight Platinum. Not only is it shorter, but it is all silver. From the moment I switched it on snap and pace were back. I have the units stacked (on a PSA Powerbase) and the 03. meter cable is a perfect fit (as if it was made just for this application). The down side is obviously $500, but it makes the almost $10K that I spent on the DMP and DS DAC worth it.

As they say in the audio magazines - “Highly Recommended”. smile

I’m sure that cable is awesome. In my setup I would need a 1 meter length and it’s just too expensive for me at this time.

The cable shipped with the DMP is a good one. But after over 60 hours of use it went from “a little more relaxed” than the AC-12 HDMI to “a little sharper” than the AC-12 HDMI or so it seemed to me. I put the AC-12 HDMI back in . . . and it’s going to stay for the foreseeable future. With the Huron upgrade I need the “familiarity” of this high quality cable that I have used since I got the PWT and then the DMP.

Man, everything is sounding so so good.