Blu-ray Pure Audio Disc

Has anyone tried one?

Is this delivery format for high-resolution any more compelling than those that have gone before?

I have one on order (Miles Davis’ Lift to the Scaffold). I expect that it will sound quite good as the recording is a decent one and I expo t the mastering will be quite good.

Should sound similar to the other Blu-ray (concert recording) audio I have. My player (Denon BDP-A100) has a pretty good analog out stage.

My MBL friend has tried a few - not particulary impressed is his verdict.

The Nordic Sound 2L label released some - some in a package with the corresponding SACD. They record / master in DXD. Recording quality is to die for. Probably my absolute reference.

I played them (Blu Ray / SACD) side by side in my erstwhile Marantz UD9004 universal player, MCH analog out into my preamp. Predictably, the differences are splitting hair, with probably a small edge to the SACD. Things got a lot better when I played the SACD converted at 88/24 to PCM digital out of my modded Oppo straight into my Trinnov processor, which confirms that hardware differences trump format differences any day of the week.