Miles davis kind of blue best sounding !?


I wonder what you consider the best sounding edition of this album;
independent oor not matter what kind of format(reel to reel,lp,cassette,cd,sacd etc)

PS. this reel to reel seems to have all the stereo tracks in right speed?

I’d like to know too. My MOFI sacd is just mediocre.

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The mofi sacd was made from a 2 chanel master tape; that was made from the original 3 Channel 1959 master tape, but the Gold Long box cd was made from the 3 channel master tape whitout mixing.

If memory serves the Sony (DSD only) multichannel SACD is mastered from the three channel masters. The same with Time Out. I think they sound good, but I also enjoyed the first Sony release of Lady in Satin which was very bright and I don’t have any non-Sony or non-SACD of Kind of Blue.


I personally really like the MoFi SACD and the Sony UltraHD 32-bit cd.

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I think you are correct Ted. I have the Sony SACD and it indeed appears to be 3 channels plus a bit of ambiance in the rears. Need to get my hands on the Time Out SACD. I purchased the 2 channel DSD files from Acoustic Sounds and its great but now I’m curious.

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I still have the SBM Gold CD from the 1992 “Tallboy” CD packaging. Even though it’s ripped on my server, I take it out of the packaging for a spin just for fun.


I have that one too. . . I think it’s in storage now. I don’t like it as much as a few others.

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That’s why that sacd (2007) sound it More clear on the trumpet, i understand now why;

just Wonder if the 3 master tape was send to Japan for the remaster?

It was funny a long time ago: when we played the SACD for the first time one fellow said that the trumpet sounded horrible. I thought it sounded pretty good. It turned out that he had no idea about spit and spit valves, the SACD was too true to the recording for him :slightly_smiling_face:


I should have said that I really liked the multichannel playback of those three track recordings, I don’t listen to the two track versions much.


I have the 1997 Sony super bit mapping cd version remaster, which has an alternate take of Flamenco Sketches. The 1997 remastering corrected the wrong speed of the original master and was claimed to be the “properly remastered” version, using an all-tube 3-track machine, sounding better than every version before it (it does sound fantastic). The more recent DSD is claimed by some to sound even better than the 1997 remastering, but I do not have the DSD file to know if it does or does not sound better than the $7.98 cd from Amazon

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Just checked, I have a 2010 Pickwick CD…

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My experience is the following (I copied most of this text from my out of print vinyl thread):

I have the following digital releases …

Sony Legacy 2016 2CD with add. tracks
Sony 2013 24/192 mono release and stereo release

None of those comes close to the following vinyl releases except that the MFSL SACD sounds similar to the MFSL LP.

I have the following vinyl releases…

The Stereo 180g, 45 RPM 4 single sided Classic Records Grundman remastering from 3track

The Stereo 180g and 200g Classic Records Grundman masterings 33RPM in Blue vinyl and black Quiex vinyl from 3track

The difficult to identify and find Stereo Vinyl remastered by Kevin Gray for Sony Legacy done on his old mastering chain and the one done on his new one.

The very appreciated and essential RSD mono remastering done by Ryan K Smith (also analog sourced due to latest user info on the analogplanet site from a Communication with R.K. Smith)


I don’t bore you with the sequence I like them as all of them have their merits, so here’s the best by quite a margin for me:

The 45 RPM 4 single sided Classic Records Grundman remastering. If you can get it for less than 400$ today and have that money to spend on it, get it. It’s by quite a step from its also very good sounding 33RPM releases the most tubey and airy with most ambience sounding release of all the great ones. Others have their merit, too and I don’t want to miss them, as treble sound of some Grundman releases is not optimal on any setup, but it works fine on mine and this one clearly leads imo. If you have questions on another of those releases, just ask.

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from discog:

“This Hybrid SACD contains both a CD layer and a DSD layer. The DSD layer contains a stereo ‘track’ and a multichannel ‘track.’ Both the CD layer and the DSD stereo ‘track’ were sourced from a 2006 DSD master. Whereas the DSD multichannel ‘track’ was sourced from a 2002 DSD master”

strange that old 2002 dsd master was made only for the 2007 sacd?

it seems that dsd multitrack was not the same as used for the long box 1993 cd maybe that dsd was made for the 2002 lp 200 Gram HQ Quiex SV-P?

according to discogs 5 time have this album made in sacd; 1997, 1999, 2003,2007 and 2005

so my conclution after reading all your letters, then only 4 times had the 3 master tape used, or is the same dsd mastering used for many of these, releases? :thinking:

1993 long box gold cd

The 1997 remastering that was claimed to be the “properly remastered” version, using an all-tube 3-track machine

sacd 2007 sony

the classic Stereo 180g, 45 RPM 4 single sided Classic Records by Grundman

im right?

I wonder if you had compare the original 1950 mono lp to the 45 RPM 4 single sided Classic Records or the RSD mono remastering done by Ryan K Smith?

ps. can you share some info how that RSD mono was made;
because we all know that the mono 1959 master tape is gone! some day there were not mono master tape at all (i had not found some info some were that it said it really existed);

that the master tape was made from the stereo 3 track!?


Yes. Exactly. Clear as mud.
But which sounds best? LOL

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“The original sessions were recorded in three-track, with two of the six musicians on each track, and then mixed to mono.”

Unfortunately I don’t have a mono original, but read this review about the RSD release and the other one about the Mofi and you’ll have a lot of Info also about the originals from Mikey Fremer:

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mono is the stuff!!