Miles Smiles SACD

I just got notification that my Miles Smiles MFSL SACD has shipped. This version is mono and I was wondering if the Sony stereo SACD released in 2000 is worth picking up as well? Thanks in advance for the replies.

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Mfsl use to be litle warmer, or bass type, sony sacd i had heard use to be brighter or more clear, in the treble.

You’ve heard the Miles Smiles MFSL SACD? Mine won’t arrive until Tuesday.

For some reason mine hasn’t shipped yet. There’s a report on the Hoffman board that the “mono” description is a mistake and that it is stereo. . . .

Wow! I remember initial descriptions said stereo when it was first listed. Thanks for the info, I guess I won’t worry about buying a copy of the Sony version. I’m happy with all the Miles MFSL discs I’ve purchased.

Not exactly, but i had compare kind of blue mfsl vs japanese sacd, the japanese is like more “clear” or transparent.

I myselt have the mfsl kind of blue sacd, because the japanese sacd is to expensive, for me right now.

Ps.You can download the remastering of kind of blue, buy Gus Skinas in dsd, that i belive is the same remaster for the japanese sacd, in acoutic sounds.

Was the master tape in mono?

As far as I know it was released in both stereo and mono so there should be two master tapes.

Ah, thanks. I have both the Sony and MFSL Kind of Blue on SACD. Is the Japanese version different than the US Sony SACD?

I was mainly wondering about the Sony Miles Smiles because I thought the MFSL was going to be mono. Now that I know it is stereo I am less interested. Although, I know many on the Hoffman forums were excited for the mono version.

I’m taking the word of the one poster who claims he has the disc in hand that the MoFi is stereo! Makes sense, there would be more fanfare if this were the mono version, that has never appeared on cd officially at least.

As far as I know the US and Japanese first SACDs are the same, but I have not owned both to compare.

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Thanks Lonson, I found the initial Hoffman post after you first alerted me. I believe I saw it on another thread as well, but it could have been in reference to that same post. Either way it gave me a reason to hold off purchasing a used copy of the Sony, so I really appreciate the info. I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Be sure to let us know. I preordered the SACD in August but haven’t received a shipping notice yet. I suspect that there may be some holdup and have queried them. I’m eager to hear the darned thing!

Edit to add: it was some sort of credit card mishap which I just straightened out. I’ll have mine probably round Saturday.

I belive they are the same but made whit different machines, well i have the one made by esoteric ( Miles great 5), in dsd, but i had listen to it whit just a 16 bit dac, so i have not listen to it, whit a real dsd dac yet.

One think i know, esoteric label make these sacd whit their expensive dacs and machines.

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Great to know, i guess, they miss it, in the mono box set;

MFSL 45 rpm, is in stereo i guess also.

Right, the mono box set didn’t cover the albums with Shorter, Hancock, Carter and Williams. I think Miles Smiles was probably the last one released with a dedicated mono mix which may have only been a promo release. Theoretically Sony could put out a second box set of the albums remaining with mono mixes, but I don’t think they’ll do it. Wish they would.

i understand

ps. The Complete Prestige 10-Inch is in mono, and also in digital :grinning:

Right. These Prestige sides were never recorded in stereo.

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i hope i can buy them in sacd version someday :grinning:

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I received my copy yesterday and spun it last night. It is stereo and sounds great IMHO. The only other version I own is the one contained within the 2nd quintet box set and it has been a year since I gave it a listen. So I have not A/B’d the two.

b, thanks. I’m sure that it will sound fantastic here as well. Hoffman board listeners have remarked that it is a Wilder remix, which is expected as the story when the remix first appeared was that the original tapes are in not so great shape.

Mine should arrive within the next few days. In preparations I listened to the best sounding version of the album I have on cd this morning, the 20 bit LP facsimile version from Sony in '96. This is the original mix and sounds really good on my current system. These SBM 20 bit remasters Sony put out that year much of the Miles Davis catalog sound very good to me, where coincidentally the Blue Note SBM 20 bit remasters of this time period. . . don’t. Technology is one part, engineering another!