Blue Fuses - directionality

Synergistic Research says these fuses are DIRECTIONAL. Has anybody with PS Audio gear tried both directions to determine which sounds better? If so, please tell us your results.
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We have discussed fuses generally, and directional specifically, many times. A quick search should locate a number of posts on the topic. Users have expressed various opinions as to whether direction makes any difference and, if so, in what way.

Keep in mind some manufacturer claim their fuses only become directional on use and, once installed, to keep them in the same orientation.

Thank you, Elk. I will do a search.

I heard absolutely no difference in directionosity (yup, it’s a word now). But the worst sound was no sound when I blew my 150 dollar fuse. Then I had an “Ah ha” moment when I realized just how good the stock fuses are.

Thanks for the info. How did you blow the fuse?

my fault: Removed/ replaced power cord thinking the switch was off and, you guessed it…

I put an SR Blue into my DS Senior. Direction was from back panel to front. Use the ‘Analog’ socket for most benefit.


You do know that the analog socket is dead in the DS? Only the digital socket is active. Hmm!

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Hmmm, I’ll find the post that says opposite. Digital fuse is for the digital card (which I don’t have), Analog fuse is for the D/A section and most sensitive reference analog level. I had it on the digital connection for a day then switched over when I did not hear anything different.

Pls link to any posts that say otherwise. Thanks!


Here’s what Ted said in the “Fuse Question DSD” thread under “Audio Components/DAC’s”…

Ted Smith - Chief digital guru
Oct '17

The Analog fuse isn’t used and is indeed a spare. The “Digital” fuse protects four supplies, one of which is used for the analog card. Feel free to test by removing the “Analog” fuse.

Yikes. Thanks!

Placebo effect in audio is a natural occurrence. :grin:

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