Blue Jeans Cable CAT6A cables *****

I just received an order of some BJC CAT6A patch cables and wanted all to know that they each come with a test report cert. , are made entirely in the USA, are very reasonably priced and get delivered via 2 day FedEx for $3.00 per order when purchased from the BJC website.
I wasn’t quite ready to spend a house payment on CAT cables and these seem to be a real bargain for the quality, look, feel and performance.
Oh and by the way they also sound better than the Amazon specials I was using. That wasn’t necessarily expected but was a pleasant surprise.
Router > Switch
Switch > Roon Nucleus+
Switch > GigaFOIL> DSJr
Switch > Oppo 103
Switch > Panny 60"
Switch > Denon AVR


Nice! I was about to pull the trigger on a few but decided to wait a bit.

Yep I got the same last year also in black. They are great. Love blue jeans cable company.

Looking forward to hearing about how the cables perform.

All cables in my home theater and most of the cables in my 2 channel rooms are from Blue Jeans Cable.

I think they are a remarkable company.

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What are their sonic characteristics?

I had an opportunity to test the Blue Jeans CAT6a in a pure context. I replaced an AQ Forest patch cord with the Blue Jeans product between the two boxes of my LANrover(yes it works well). I noticeable improvement in general clarity-enough so that I have the new CAT6a from the router on-Cat5e in the walls. Hope this helps. Mark.


I’m also a fan of the Blue Jeans CAT6A cables. Great value.

I guess I wasn’t expecting a sonic change although that’s why I purchased them - for more electrical isolation not necessarily more bandwidth.
I did not expect them to be packaged with individually serial numbered test reports and the quality of the product itself was above what you would expect for the low price.
If they has any sonic signature at all I would say there is more “room between the notes” if that makes any sense at all.
Definitely happy with the purchase and wanted to pass it along. I see many others are also happy with these cables.

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I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for sharing.

I love my Blue Jeans 6A. Made a huge sonic difference over a Monoprice Cat 6. More space between the notes is an apt descriptor.

I have been using Blue Jeans interconnects and speaker wire
When I tried a different company esp for speaker wire the difference was rather audible

I’ve had nothing but fantastic results with BJC.

Great company!

BY FAR the best value in cables.

Great cables. I use BJC Cat6 (Not the A version).

Also using Blue Jeans in the UK. Delivery took about 3 days. Also AudioQuest Pearl, about 20% more expensive.

Yes, blue jeans delivery time in uk is pretty impressive

All of my stereo related network cables are BJC 6 (not A). Awesome value and each comes with its own test data report card. The whole BJC lineup is a great value. I started my “high end” speaker cables with BJC. Great company and always available by phone or email.

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Same here. Hand built Canare 4S11 speaker cables, bulk wire from BJC.