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Is Kimber or Audioquest the best value for speaker cable?

Welcome to the forum, dans! I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.
Perhaps is better to pose an open question. Next, to kindly give some reference in what rig you plan to deploy these cables and what budget you had in mind. If you please.
The replies might surprise you, unless you already made up your mind somehow. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking for speaker cable to connect my Sprout 100 to Heco Aurora 300 speakers. Hoping to get a quality product at a lower price point.


Both companies have long lists of speaker cables (and other types of cables) with all different price points, so it really depends what are you looking for and at what price range?

My preference is for the Audioquest. You can get sensibly priced signal cables from them that sound good. Kimber has been around for a long time. I’ve not been that impressed compared to the Audioquest competitors. PS Audio recommends Audioquest for their products including the Sprout.

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Why not check the used market for highest ranking products of your choice in the preferred price range and length that fit your requirements?

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There’s nothing wrong or bad about narrowing one’s choice to a couple of reliable audiophile brands to make a buying decision. There are risks with buying used that can be avoided by buying from a reputable retailer.

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If you are looking for a good value proposition (i.e., good performance at a good price), I believe you can find something in the Kimber Kable line or AQ line (especially used) that will satisfy you.

That said, I have a few specific recommendations for your based on my personal experience. In no particular order:

  1. Anti-Cables

Buy the model highest up in the line you can afford. Don’t let their resemblance to wire coat hangers or relatively low price put you off. These are the real deal.

  1. Signal Cable

The proprietor, Frank, is a pleasure to work with and offers great products at a more than fair price in my experience, sans any BS. His best speaker cable (Silver Resolution) starts out at $259/pair. Don’t let the price put you off. Signal Cable products are designed to proper specifications and punch way above their weight class.

  1. Pine Tree Audio

Another small business offering big bang performance for the dollar. I bought the Shadow Ribbon loudspeaker cables and the improvement they made in my system was immediately audible. I am pretty sure the price is per cable and not per pair, if I recall correctly. So, make sure you order properly. Two six foot Shadow Ribbon cables with banana connectors on both ends will set you back a whopping $220. Again, these are well made cables and excellent performers.

Your choices are myriad. I hope these three recommendations might help you narrow your focus a bit.

Have fun.


WIREWORLD OASIS 8 PRO Copper OFC Cable - section: 4mm2 excellent value for money

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Thank you for much for the recommendations! I will definitely look into all of them

You’re welcome.

Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know what you settle on.

I’m a fan of Morrow Audio speaker cables.

Be sure to click on the SALE tab at the top. Their cables are pretty much always on sale which kinda bugs me, but the discounts right now are about as high as they go.

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If you want the highest quality cable for the best price look at the Internet Direct companies like Scottie and others have recommended and not at the ones with huge advertising budgets and dealer networks. In addition to the ID companies already recommended also look at Audio Envy, Cullen Cable and Audio Sensibility. I have used all three over the years and you deal direct with the owners.

Of the dealer cables the Wireworld Oasis suggested by Elettro is a good option also.

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Thank you for the great advice!

I’ve always been partial to Kimber Kable. Even their 4PR cable is a good value. The lower cost audioquest I’ve tried were veiled to me compared to Kimber.



Lot of members here love Iconoclast cables, sold by Blue Jeans Cable, Bob is very responsive and Galen, the designer, is a well known professional and trusted “genius”.

There is a thread on PS Forum that can help you.

Good luck!


I can easily recomment “van den hul - the cs 122 hybrid”. It may suit well to your system.

I had a pair of bi-wired topline Anticables speaker cables sometime ago, and I was using them for my HT system (a real setup with a pair of Silverline floorstanding speakers). I remember I was surprised how good the music sounded. Now both the speakers and cables are in NY with my daughter. She said they are a lot better than what they were using. They have the Anticable XLR topline interconnects too. As far as I know they have not upgraded any gear that can use them yet. :man_shrugging:

My current HT was a set of B&W Formation Bar/Bass (my wife called them an excellent “upgrade”), I cannot stand their sound but for movie they are fine.

Audioquest cables are much easier to find used or new with a good discount from a willing dealer compared to Kimber imo. Especially in the sub 500 price range which is probably what you are looking for.

Just be careful of fake AQ cables, buy from reputable sellers only.

Hello. The question is, how much should it cost? What length is needed? Do you have a chance to try cables? Should the cable have certain influences on the sound? Your speakers aren’t the largest, so a very thick cable is probably out of the question. DNM reson, PRO-JECT CONNECT IT LS are cheap and good. Neotech also has very good cables. Used cables are attractively priced. Should it be stranded, solid or flat? Should it be finished? Or can connections be soldered or screwed yourself?