Blue Note remasters

Ready for a new vinyl formula hype?

We know the Blue Note vinyl series of Classic Records, Analogue Productions, Disk Union and Music Matters as the best available masterings. Now Music Matters seems to show up with once more improved pressings (not masterings).

Don’t know what I should think about that, but I welcome every improvement and especially every new (so far unreissued!) release.

Unfortunately they are mainly releasing all the same again…but there shall be new ones among them, too…I hope for good choices!

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Like you I welcome every improvement but I sure wish they would introduce some new music.

Yes sometimes I really hate seeing just the same music reissued over and over again.

I am glad I read this before I placed my order today! I had Inner Urge and Rollins Vol. 1 in my cart and ready to order this morning! No joke! Thanks to your post, I am going to wait a few more days and get them on SRX.

This seems like the same vinyl formula that RTI is using for the Moble Fidelity One-step Ultradiscs now.

It would have been brilliant, if Ron over at MusicMatters could have done this new set as one-steps. Make a run of 1000 each or something. Doubt that will ever happen though.