Bluesound Node, anyone using it?


Everyone knows what a wonderful piece of audio engineering and versatility SONOS is and many, many of us here are closet, or not so clandestine fans. However, as high resolution audio has taken us by storm, SONOS’ lack of response to the audiophile sliver of their fan base is disheartening. I have a multi-zone SONOS system in my home for the purpose of whole house audio but not for any serious listening. Recently I have started dabbling in high resolution downloads (way behind the curve of this community I know) and these files, as well as the burdensome process of solving the gapless problem with the Bridge v. 1, has me contemplating reorganizing my systems.

Currently my server is connected directly to my NuWave DAC to handle headphone duties and my PWD II is in my remote listening room, with the Bridge connected by via CAT6 to a PLA to my network. However, even this configuration results in variable success with streaming my hi rez files and, of course, doesn’t allow simple gapless playback from my JRMC controlled Mac Mini server. I know there are ways to improve my network and to work around the gapless problem, but I really don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on this project. So I’m thinking about moving the server to the main listening room and foregoing the Bridge to connect simply by USB directly. This solves the gapless and high rez issues but also eliminates the digital lens and sound quality gains of the Bridge for the PWD (I’m hoping the claim that the DS sounds best via a high quality cabled USB as opposed to the bridge, a la PWD). If I go ahead and do this, then I will need an inexpensive source to feed the NuWave DAC, including hi rez files. Not wanting to spend much while I save for a DS upgrade kit, I see the Bluesound Node as a viable solution, using the Toslink connection, at a very reasonable price.

SONOS has gotten a lot of talk amonst the high end community but I don’t see much, if any talk about Bluesound amongst this community so I thought I’d ask if anyone has any first had experience with it. In fact, there really isn’t much banter about it at all online, other than the typical review and advertising.

Anyone here using the Bluesound Node? Thoughts? Experiences?


I had them both. The Sonos and the blue sound. The sonos is smaller. The blue sound can play 96Khz 24bit files. I think they both are very simular and have good software. If I once decide to buy one again. Than it will be the sonos, because it is


You also ask about NAD. I tested the M50 in combination with the Directstream using the coax input On the DS. The NAD was a real great source one of the best I heard and it is on a complete other level than the Sonos and the Bluesound node. The Bluesound brand is under the same roof as Nad and they use the same software. The PSB/NAD in particular I don’t know, but I guess it is a step up in comparison with Bluesound and Sonos.


Bluesound is made by the same company as NAD and PSB which is why I referenced it that way, didn’t mean to confuse the issue. Not in the market for an N50.

How did you find the sound of the Bluesound compared to SONOS?


Ah I understand now. The bluesound and the sonos are both good players I think they are pretty similar. I only tested the digital part of them and always used them in combination with the PWD or the Directstream. first I had the sonos for about a year and used it for radio and spotify. The bluesound I only had this one for half a year and I used it for radio and Qobuz. The sound is good enough for background music and normal listening, but not good enough for serious listening like with the Directstream or PWD as a streaming source.