Bluesound Node w/ Matrix X-SPDIF

Curious whether anyone uses a Node (latest edition) w/ Matrix into a DS DAC. If so, would enjoy hearing whether you perceive any improvements to the Node without the Matrix.

I’m still holding out for the AirLens, but it’s cold and snowy here and I’ve got the itch to play around with my system. I know there may be better streaming solutions out there, but I like some of the streaming platforms that are offered natively by the Node (as opposed to Airplay/apt-x HD).

Thanks in advance,

I’ll give it a try and let you know. Waiting on WW USB and HDMI cables. I don’t have a LPS for the Matrix either.

Thanks tons. Will look forward to your thoughts.

Can the Node’s USB handle full spec 500ma? I recently looked at another streamer in another thread (don’t remember which), that spec’d only 100ma out of the USB ports, which won’t be enough for the SPDIF 2 unless using an external supply.

I started experimenting today. First, I listened via coax with a Blue Jeans cable. Pretty good! Next, switched the coax with a WW Platinum 7 USB. More organic sounding and deeper soundstage, just rich! Then, added the Matrix with WW Silver Sphere HDMI. OK, even better, but I was expecting more. The Matrix is new, so maybe needs some break in. What I proved to myself today is the Node N130 is an amazing product for $600! FYI, the DAC is a DirectStream Sr.

Thanks for the report. Did you have a separate streamer prior to the Node or were you using Bridge II?

I’ve always just streamed via the Bridge II, so I’m curious how the Node compares to it sound-wise.

I think I’m sold on the Node now (at least until the AirLens comes out), but will be curious if the Matrix improves with some more burn in.

Thanks again,

Yea, I had Node 2i. But, before that a Lumin U1 Mini, Teddy Pardo 7v/12v LPS, Matrix, AQ Coffee USB and AQ Vodka HDMI. BUT, in a totally different system.

Oh, I’ll compare the Bridge II too.