DirectStream vs. Bluesound, in case you wanna know :)

For reasons of convenience my better half usually listens to our system via our Bluesound Node 2; she does the great majority of her listening thru our in-wall speakers in each room so the difference in sound quality between that and my DS is not work worrying about much. But just now I was playing some Old Crow Medicine Show on my Directstream, and she asked to do a direct comparison between the Bluesound and DS. (Note: I stream to the DS via the Bridge from JRiver on my server whereas the Bluesound pulls files off of a QNAP NAS.) Anyway… Paul and Ted, you need not worry. :slight_smile: We both felt that the Bluesound was pulling out maybe 60-70% as much information as my “good” stuff… that is pretty good given the price differential, and the Bluesound was pretty satisfying but youch, the second we switch to the DS it’s clear that it’s game totally over. Wife quote: “Wow, who would have thought it would make that big a difference?” So now she gets why I sprung for the DS :slight_smile:


Thanks Bob. What do you think about Buesound Node 2 digital out to the DS vs the Bridge via JRiver?

I have done that (Node 2 to the DSD via spdif) but honestly did not compare to the Bridge via Jriver. I am away now for about a week but can try when I get back!