Bluos streamer module option for Strata wish

Came across this streamer module for the bluos system used by Bluesound and NAD devices. I wish it was the one used in the Strata. I like the ease of whole house integration with Bluesound products, and the app is very easy to use. Also can be a Roon endpoint.
If I could get a hold of one I’d try to swap it for the Stellar’s streaming module. Let you all know if I do, but it may be an OEM only part.
There is probably plenty of room to put one in the SGCD and have a nice streamer/dac, tying it into one of the digital inputs.

Would be an interesting modification, I hope you can get one to try, and look forward to your report if so :slight_smile:

I’ve been pulled into the BluOS universe and hope to see their modules in a lot more equipment.

The Node (main system) and their speakers (kitchen, etc) made me realize how much I like physical presets on devices.

I often walk in the door, go to the Node or a speaker, touch a preset and I’m instantly listening to radio or playlists; I’m dealing with phone and tablet displays all day so it’s a nice separation from that.

I also really like their overpriced, limited functionality but balanced and wonderful to use remote.

No, I am in no way affiliated with Bluesound.

My only complaint is the Vault can’t handle SACD and apparently there is some Roon incompatibility. Not show stoppers and am otherwise quite happy with the ecosystem.

As for integrating a streamer module into the SGCD, it’s possible that there is enough space to accommodate it, but again, it’s important to consult with a qualified technician to ensure compatibility and proper installation.


I’m so deep into Sonos that it would be tough to justify going another direction and I don’t have enough high-res music to need more than the Sonos Port I already have on my main rig. But what I wouldn’t give for a physical remote…the Sonos remotes from IKEA are rather simplistic, but their button along with the Apple Home architecture gives me three preset options which are enough for in the shower on that room’s Sonos speaker. Rock Channel, News channel, Local news channel. Anything else and I can fire up the app.

A remote is ALMOST enough to get me to finally buy either a Bluesound Node or a Cambridge CXN. Well ALMOST today. Only God knows what tomorrow will bring. That CXN, man…what a piece of gear. I’m a sucker for album art.

I now have a Sonos Playbase at my desk at work. I got a T-Mobile 5g hotspot to give me a network of my own and added a small NAS too. The cool thing about Playbase as a music player is it has an IR receiver so I can repurpose a Peachtree remote I’ve got lying around for volume and quick mute because it’s an office setting. It’s really ideal.

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Bluesound is definitely a non-starter for DSD.

Thanks for chiming in JessieJim. Welcome aboard!