Boise man deals with loud music . .

I can understand being upset over distorted music, compressed music, music lacking a sound stage, music out of phase, but loud music???

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Seems like a perfect American way to deal with a problem these days.


Thank God he did not discharge the firearm it at any person(s)! There’s this guy who asked his neighbour to turn the volume down, but the drunk neighbour assaulted him! He gave him fractures, a concussion, had him hospitalised for a week, out of work for 2 months, and left him with a trauma for life! Sometimes you just cannot win! :see_no_evil:

I guess we could always take a page out of the movie “The Accountant” and install a remote control mini-gun. That can’t cost more than say, four really good power cables.

Wife approval would possibly be difficult. Just tell her it’s an inaudible speaker that puts everything one step closer to …nods off


He may not have aimed the “high powered rifle” at anyone but that slug went for miles until it hit “something” or “someone”!

“distorted music, compressed music, music lacking a sound stage, music out of phase”

You perfectly described grunge.

@tarheelneil Nailed it!

I googled the address, and F*ing Sh it’s less than 1/4 mile from where my daughter lives.

…and are we too old? Lest we forget, that sound was entirely the point in response to the status quo. Consider music as a form of challenge to expected norms. The Boise response, well that’s unacceptable.