Hope everyone in the Boulder area is staying safe


God, sincere best wishes going out to anyone affected!


Winds should start dying down…if anybody happens to be in serious trouble, let me know.


Damn. This is dreadful.

Hearing well over 500 homes “lost”. 100+ mph winds, plus downed wires, and no warning.

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It is not a good situation. It has been a rapidly moving and devastating firestorm. D&D are evacuated from their Louisville homes, hoping their neighborhood doesn’t go up. I’d offer to put them up but I have the Plague. Darren is holed up at Paul’s.


Multiple fires, actually. First one at about 10:30 AM and was put out quickly. Second one (Marshall Fire) started at 11:00 AM and is the one that got out of control (wind gusts to 100 mph)

As of ~5:00 PM:
600+ homes gone
entire subdivisions burned to the ground
Two entire towns evacuated (Superior and Lousiville)
over 30,000 evacuated and in shelters

The winds have started to die down, but the fire is so big it’s become a “firestorm” and is generating it’s own weather and winds.

Mountains get 1-2 feet of snow starting tomorrow, with 6" or so forecast for the Front Range, which should put a damper on the fire - hopefully.


Should add that the fire is well south and east of Boulder (the city), but is within Boulder County.

Just awful - I saw some footage from Louisville that was unbelievably scary.

Also, hope you are feeling better soon.


Wishing you well. Hopefully the Boulder winds die down, Images and videos show a rather horrendous situation.

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Yes - finally dropping off:


Thoughts and prayers to all PS Audio family members affected by these wild fires. I hope all are safe. I know Duncan said that him and Darren both live in the same neighborhood.


Wow. Really, wow!

I hope all are safe
More love from Denmark


Praying for you Paul and entire PS Audio staff…
His Grace, Peace and Tender Mercies …Keeping
you safe and secure…

God Bless you Paul family and team…

Best wishes

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

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Sun just rising. They’re now saying 6,500 acres have burned and 35,000 evacuated. Still have not heard of ANY fatalities. It is small by acreage - we had a couple of 200,000-acre fires last year, but primarily in national forest land. They’re already saying this is the most devastating fire in CO history due to the loss of property.

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Thanks. What a nightmare. So far everyone ok. Our building lost one of its three power phases and unfortunately it’s the one that runs the lighting and heating. A cold front is approaching. Bob and I will be down this morning to see what we can do.