Bookshelf or smaller tower speaker that can be placed CLOSE to the wall

Don’t laugh, but the ELAC Debut 6.2 is a great near wall speaker since they moved the bass port to the front. Cheap too. I love them paired with a Sprout that, by necessity, is right up against a wall.

I’ve had a pair of ProAc Tablette 10 speakers for the better part of 2 years and really like them. They seem to fit your requirements. Fully enclosed, no rear port. They are small and sit about a foot from the wall. I have mine on custom Sound Anchor stands. The stands raise them to ear height and the height is adjustable. The ProAcs and stands are well within your budget, and if they mate well with your electronics you might give them a listen. Never thought I’d end up with ProAcs but happy I did.

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Thanks, which brings me to another point, would a front port speaker be better? or rear radiator, or sealed speaker?

My current speaker B&W 805S is front ported, the new version are similar, also, this speaker from Sonus Faber looks to be designed for easier placement

Focal also has an option with bottom porting or front porting like this one

I have never heard them but Larsen speakers are designed to be placed against the wall. Their smallest tower is 10x30x9 inches.

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Exactly what I was going to recommend. Just for fun, I have been reading up on them off and on today.

As winston007 mentioned, The Larsen loudspeakers are specifically designed to be placed right up against the wall. If I were in the market for new loudspeakers, I would definitely have these in my top 5 to consider. Even their smallest towers are rated down to 28 Hz on their own.

The Buchardt has a passive radiator out back. Not good for what the OP wants.

Well that’s exactly how Srajen tested the Amphion’s which are the same design and will do the same with the Buchardt’s which he has in for testing now. The Amphion’s worked fine in that situation and I suspect the Buchardt’s will too. Also exactly how Mad’s uses his personal pair in his home.

Could someone EXPLAIN the TECHNICAL differences between rear-port, front-port, radiator, and sealed? Maybe @Paul should do a video or article on this. The old speaker port video on YouTube doesn’t really go into it deep just explains why port is there.

@Paul - for placing speakers CLOSE to the wall, WHICH speaker design is most appropriate? Rear-port, front-port, radiator, or sealed?

I’ve read about some of the technical differences but it can get deep pretty quickly and for me would only be for academic reasons to learn; I’m not building my own speakers. A google search of your question will reveal loads to read.

I think of two or maybe 3 types, either ported or not ported. Those with an acoustic suspension radiator are a bit of a hybrid in action, they load the driver similar to a sealed but the loading varies and this makes it rather more difficult to achieve ‘good’ sound without computer modeling or lots of experiences/failures.

Ports increase the specified tuned frequency dB output usually at some sacrifice to other ranges or Q or control. If the port faces the rear, the walls’ impact is usually greater than a front facing port, than a radiator, than a sealed design.

Sealed is least impacted by proximity to the wall but the room nodes will still be in play regardless, the peaks will just be less excited by a sealed cabinet vs. a ported cabinet - usually - a lot depends on the space and each space is acoustically unique

Keep in mind, you’ll do no damage by plugging the ports on a ported speaker. It will change the tuning by reducing output but can only help prevent over excursion. Dynaudio, for one, come with bung plugs for using close to boundaries.

Hope this helps and if I’ve understood anything incorrectly, please correct/help me understand better

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i use s 400 in my cottage …

If you want to get a real Sonus Faber you should look here …

These are probably too below your budget, but I just replaced my Maggie LRS’s for Wharfedale EVO 4.2’s. Beautiful sounding speaker that performs well above it’s price range. They make floor standers too. I keep mine pretty close to the walls with no ill effect.

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I auditioned the Wharfedale’s at AXPONA and I thought they were literally the best bang for the buck speakers at the show! Amazing sound for price.


Yeah, I am ridiculously pleased with them. I had Maggie LRS’s and it just wasn’t happening for me. The Wharfedale’s are just so clean and smooth. I think they’ll be winners for them. They compete at twice their price point, if not higher, IMHO.

Echoing others:

Dutch & Dutch
KEF LS50 Wireless

I think it was the Evo 4.3’s I saw at rmaf that blew me away for the price. Definitely way up there in the bang for the buck category.

Edit: maybe the 4.4’s actually? Still though…awesome

Yeah, the 4.4 floorstanders are about $2k but perform like “if you have to ask how much” speakers. Very quality gear, which you would expect from Wharfedale.

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I think the Elac Vela is also an option since the port is facing downward. However, I second the idea that Wharfedale EVO4.2 is a good option if you have a dedicated sub for lower end punch.

Don’t know if you have pulled the trigger yet…

If not, you might consider the Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference Strada’s (MK I, used or MK II, new).

You will need to add a quality subwoofer or two in order to experience the full range, but these are exceptional performers in the mid and higher frequencies — and are somewhat flexible in terms of front wall placement.

Yeah, the Wharfedale 4.2’s do benefit from lower bass assistance (they are solid down to 50hz or so), but from 50hz up, they are really quite splendid. VERY smooth and transparent. I run an SVS sub with mine with good effect. Need to get another one as well.