Speakers that you can put agains the wall or in bookshelves !?

Hello and good dayvdear hifi aficionados :smile:

I live in a room that is around 4 meter wide and 4 meter long;

I have bought mnay speakers with small bass woofers around 5 inch, less than 6 at least, but all them benefit, to have at least halv meter away from the wall.

The thing is it doesnt look good and it takes much space for me; so my question is is it any speakers that you can put against the wall and sound good or at least decent?

tips, advices and recomendations are wellcome!

for example speakers that i know it cound work agains the wall is Dali Menuet, i even listened them in a bokshelf and they sound it great :grin:

ps. myselft im not looking for wall speakers but if you want to recomend them hear i guess is a good topic

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I think the best solution would be to look at the active speakers like Buchardt, Dutch & Dutch, Grimm or similar. Most of them have settings for close to the wall position.
Hope this helps :blush:

Devore Fidelity has a new little speaker that he says is intended for use in a bookshelf… or which at least works very well in one. Sealed. he gets a fair bit of $$ for them but they seem tempting.

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I remembered these from when I was researching such products for a similar project:

I ended up going with Dutch and Dutch 8cs, but while they can go close to a wall, they cannot be put directly against a wall, and even if you did, they are quite large and not elegant hanging from a wall, in my opinion. Would also require a pretty sophisticated mount — again, I think.

This has been discussed many times (not that this is a problem).

I suggest searching on the word “bookshelf”. You will get many hits.

Larsen HiFi – That sounds beautiful Right up your alley.

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Just changed out my LRS+ for Larsen 6.2’s for exactly the same reason. Soundstage takes a little getting used to but now VERY happy. Worth a trial.

Gradient Revolution from Finland. Had a pair and just sold them recently.
Work well right up to the wall. Also, they can be configured to work near corners as well as further out into the room. Jorma Salmi, the deisgner, configured them as a point source, and mimiced the sound of the Quad ESL 63. He also designed sub-woofers to go with the Quad ESL 63.

More information below:

Gradient Revolution

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My Quad Z2 speakers are just a few inches away from the wall. The rear ports are filled with sponge plugs, which probably helps.