Brand new VDH cartridge in audition - great first impression

How many Van Den Hul cart users do we have in the community? I received and installed a MC-One Special yesterday. It is added to my existing stable of a Sumiko Starling and Koetsu Rosewood Standard. My Starling gets a break (still mounted in the headshell) while the new toy gets a spin. So you all know, I’ve been fooling around with the idea of a VDH for years. Confess to not being a fan of the company’s cables and have never tried any of the electronics, but I’ve been intrigued by the cartridge line-up for some time. For reasons unknown, the company is loath to publish specifications of any kind on the website. It was the highish static compliance listed on dealers websites (have never seen a dynamic compliance listed anywhere) that had me concerned about tonearm compatibility with my SME-309. To VDHs credit, every cartridge is delivered with the recommended tonearm effective mass range (wish more manufacturers would include it) and that is what broke down any residual concern I had.

So how does it sound? With few hours on it, run into my Rega Aura (I didn’t even bother to play with the 200 ohm load I’ve been using with my Starling) this thing is an absolute wonder with small ensemble Jazz and human voice. I’m stunned by how juicy and reach out and touch inviting it is in the midband and bass. I have done nothing but rough it in alignment-wise and it already knocks me out with harmonic complexity I’m loving. Can’t comment on the high end until I accumulate hours on it and tweak loading. All I can say so far is wow, synergistic combination with the SME and Rega phono stage and I get why VDH has a loyal base of users everywhere. I’m kicking myself for futzing around for so long before taking the leap. To think … the MC-One Special is nowhere near the top of the line.


I have owned the MC Two special. A visitor accidentally damaged it, I sent it to VDH, they repaired it, but installation was not successful as I used aluminium bolts which resulted in molecular bonding. I was so frustrated, and literally threw it away. I concur with your assessment . It was amazing with chamber and small ensemble jazz, but not with fully fledged orchestral performances. Also, it was a high output MC so, it was connected to the MM input. Since then, I have switched to low output MCs.


I have a VDH MC TWO Special.

VDH has been through numerous distributors in the past.

When my cartridge needed re tipping there was no distributor.
I sent it off to VDH directly.

Before they sent it back I received a message asking of I wanted to have the front pole modification done.
They were charging me practically nothing for this.

I said yes right away.

This was at least a five hundred dollar price at the time.

Have not used my cartridge much lately but it certainly sounded wonderful when I last heard it.

VDH was absolutely wonderful to me.

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