Brickwall PCM Filter

Hi all -

Just curious, if anyone has any experience with the Brickwall PCM filter setting on a DAC?

thanks in advance…

It’s my favorite setting for all around listening. For me it’s the best choice for full orchestra or really bombastic music. Also for Alice in Chains, Porcupine Tree, etc.


I recall you saying that you liked the Brickwall filter on another thread. Isn’t it similar to a fast linear filter?

It has a very fast transition, it can be linear phase or minimum phase, you’d have to check your documentation on that.


I appreciate all the information your providing on this subject.

What can i expect to hear between minimum phase vs linear phase

also, slow vs fast

Different people care about different things. Linear phase preserves waveshape better, that’s most apparent on transients, especially sharp ones on percussion, for example. There might be a little more drive.

Slow vs fast: slow is appropriate for small ensembles, trios, sing voice, etc. where the very high audio frequencies don’t matter a lot and there are already a lot of room cues, etc. It may chop off some aliasing or other artifacts from earlier in the production chain and sound clearer.


Maybe i’m imagining things after listening for too long, but I thought vocals were more recessed using a minimum phase setting.

Also, the apodizing setting, seemed to make everything sound dull.

I’d try each for, say, a week, after using one for a while when you go back to the first you’ll either say “ahhh” or “bletch”


i’ve been trying that method, and am finding the brickwall setting to be pleasing (at least for this week)

Interesting. I’m exploring this a bit tonight, albeit not for extended one week periods… yet.

I’m not using a PS Audio DAC, but on mine the “apodizing fast rolloff, linear phase” sounds naturally live, energetic and detailed, while brickwall sounds rather flat and unnaturally smooth.