Help me understand and select a pcm filter on my cd player

my cd player, mark levinson 5100, has 7 PCM filters:

fast minimum phase
slow minimum phase
apodiz fast
hybrid fast minimum phase
fast linear
slow linear

I’m unfamilair with the concept of PCM filters.

Please help…

UPDATE… so this is what I’ve found thus far. I’ve gone back and forth on now 3 filters and can reproduce the same conclusions.

I’ve found this filter to be very resolving especially on vocals. Allows any sibilance to be more prominent. However, after about an hour of listening, I start interpreting the filter as harsh/bright sounding, almost grating. Reducing the volume helps but removes the bass of the music I’m listening to

This filters seems to calm the upper end down some, but at the same time feel like i’m losing some of the resolution in the vocals.

I thought this filter calmed the ‘sizzle’ down from the HYBRID FAST MINIMUM PHASE filter. Seemed to allow the system to be played at moderate and louder volumes eliminating any listener fatique. Thought this is a filter to consider. Had my wife listen to this filter on several recordings, A/B comparing it to the HFMP filter. She felt it made the sound more 2 dimensional, ‘deep’ sounding, un involving.

Does any of this make any sense?

Which one would you suggest to try next?

thanks in advance…

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