bridge ethernet port question



can anyone tells me please if the ethernet port of the Bridge is 10/100 or Gigabit???




10/100 ethernet, Not gigabit,


Is there a reason for that??

I mean a 700 us $ for a 10/100 port…what a pity!!!




10/100 Ethernet is already much more than necessary for the task. Streaming music is not data intensive in the world of networked equipment.

GbE would provide only bragging rights and buzzword compliance. :slight_smile:


If there is ever a Bridge Mk II it might make sense to go gigabit just for marketing purposes (I hate to suggest technical overkill but others have raised the same question and it may have affected some purchasers).


i totally agree!!! =D>


Yes while complete unnecessary overkill, marketing may make it worthwhile.



Although the specs support this, moving users to gb switches from 10/100 has cured some network issues for streamers with drops and loss of conneCtion to bridge.

Why, is not an option here. :-?


This is completely believable if you have a network with issues; 10% of 1,000 is greater than 10% of 100.

And perfect if you need 30.

Note, however, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Bridge ever needing, or using, the throughput of GbE.


Correct. The Bridge itself is 10/100, but the more securely you can get packets back AND forth from it the better.


It’s simply because architecture which the bridge is built around have no giga ethernet availability. It is low power architecture suited for multimedia usage.