Bridge II (DSJ) won’t stream aiff files from NAS

The files are in a music library that was set up for streaming using Logitech Music Server, but they’re standard aiff files. mControl finds the library, but I get the “delay in streaming or unsupported file type” message when I try to open it. Suggestions?

I would recommend trying out a difference controller like Roon or JRiver. The MControl app is fairly good when it comes to using the different streaming services, but is super clunky when trying to play files stored locally.

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Bump for Roon! It’s pricey, but it’s worth the money. It sounds better than what I was getting using a Mac Mini with Bit Perfect. Plus I have 3 different systems that are all Roon endpoints. The interface is awesome and provides seemless access to Tidal and Qobuz.

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The superior delivery of Qobuz and Tidal services/content via Roon (as opposed to their respective native applications), along with Roon’s much improved “Roon Radio” are probably my two favorite things about the Roon Core software.


I have been using Nucleus+ as a streamer wired -> DS DAC using printer USB cable :smile: The results are comparable Naim Core with AQ Coffee S/PDIF wired -> DSD DAC. AQ Coffee USB is on the way and I expect an improvement. EDIT: The experiment is 4 days old only. So, the Nucleus+ is still burning-in. Also, I need to mention that its power supply is isolated from the rest of the system, same as the router. I always worry about noise from small switching power supplies.

I updated mControl and can now play directly from the NAS file system. Works just fine.

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