Bridge II and software

I just installed a Bridge II and although the sound quality is outstanding, the Mconnect HD is quite spotty… not to mention that the interface is utter crap (to put it mildly…).

I only use it to stream Tidal (mostly MQA) to my DSD.

Any recommendations for software that has a decent interface and is stable?


Roon ain’t cheap but I think it’s the best out there for UX. You can always try it free for 30 days and see for yourself.

I like ROON as well. UI is killer, I love the info they write about most artists, and works darn will with the Bridge! I wouldn’t be surprised if you get hooked after the 30 days. Specially comparing it to MConnect.

Roon Core and JRiver Media Center, as well as the Tidal application have been stable in my experience. Mconnect/mcontrol have been “spotty” for me. FWIW, JRMC w/ JRemote is my favorite for overall sound quality, followed by Mc/Mc and Roon in a close tie.

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BubbleUPnP (Android, no mqa) is rock solid and offers waaay better interface than mConnect

…and using the share function one can browse and select music in the native Tidal app while playing it via Bubble into BridgeII :grinning:

JRiver here. Mostly because I’m squeaky tight and can’t muster up the guts to pay for Roon. JRiver also has a little icon that turns blue to confirm what is going to the DAC is “bit perfect” (no dsp/changes to the file). It also has dsp capabilities if that IS what you want. Plus I don’t care about all the infotainment of Roon - I just pick a song and listen.


Ok, so I downloaded Roon and signed up for the free trial. So far this is absolutely awesome interface and super easy to navigate. One question (and this might be completely wrong…), is the sound quality a bit behind that of Mconnect? Shouldn’t be the case right?!

Until I added (inexpensive) galvanic isolation to the ethernet feed via a fiberoptic segment, I thought MConnect sounded better. After isolation I don’t here any SQ differences between bit perfect sources… they all sounded better. This, of course, assumes that Roon is properly configured to deliver bit perfect data.

The theory is that Roon requires more computer processing and thereby injects more “noise” into the system -the galvanic isolation removes such noise.

Which galvanic isolator are you using?

Search these: 2 x TP-Link MC110CS with appropriate fiber cable. More expensive is GigaFoil. The just released EtherRegen is $640, but looks very interesting.


My Bridge is a few months old. I started to get crackles and static sounds coming out of one channel.

Has anyone else had this?

Yes but it was my mono amp. Check all of your cables to start.

I went through all the cables, pulled out the preamp, everything.

It is silent as the DSD reboots and the DSD is connecting to the bridge…as soon as the red light goes green, I get the sound. Besides would tube make a digital sound if it wasn’t get it from the dac?


OH sorry, my Original post didn’t mention the digital sounds, I get those as well.

also the sound will stop if I go to a different input like OPT, or USB

Call them in the A.M. and get them to ship you a replacement.

Shoot !

It may in fact be a mono block tube. I switched the blocks and the crackle followed.

watchdog507 was correct.




Would the crackle come and go with a bad tube?

Seems to be on a 5 minute cycle.



I found it. It was a Driver Tube. Sorry for the bother.

Thanks @watchdog507


Thank you for following up and letting us know.