Bridge II new type

Hi!Could you tell me whether present Bridge II has already cancelled USB ?thanks !

You may want to do a little research (or rephrase your question).

The PS Audio Ethernet Bridge has nothing to do with the USB inputs on the DACS that have bridges installed.

FYI: PS Audio Bridge Web Page

Maybe I misunderstood your question, though.



Welcome, Morris!

I do not understand what you are asking.

Do you want to know if Bridge II sounds better than USB?

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I think the OP was referring to the Bridge II versions as the original had a USB port that confused some users.


Difference on my Bridge II and website

Ah, I think I understand. @watchdog507 is correct. Early units had a USB port. This has been eliminated. The rear image of the DS Sr. DAC on the website shows a Bridge card installed that has a USB port. This is incorrect and has been for some time.

See explanation in this thread: Bridge Card USB Connection Thread

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