No unit ID and Bridge II without USB?

Hey everyone. I just upgraded to Direcstream via the upgrade kit as well as purchased the Bridge II. Right now most thing seem to work, but I lack Unit ID which I have seen some other people struggling with but the most puzzling is that I received a Bridge II without a USB port? Is that normal? Can anyone in PS Audio help? Attached is picture of the Bridge II.



My Bridge II does not have a USB port. I think it was only in the Bridge I…

Hey thanks for replying jgrilo. Personally I have never seen a picture of a Bridge II without the USB port. Anyone else? Something seems very odd if some has one without the USB port.

I called PS Audio prior to my purchase, having seen the pictures also. I wanted to know what the USB was for. It was used to program the Bridge II early on, and has since been eliminated. The way I understand it, is the USB port was never intended for end user purposes.

The USB port was a difference I also noticed right away.
Videos I found about installing the Bridge II showed a Bridge with the port, BUT it did not show “Bridge II” on the hardware itself.
I just accepted that it was a difference, which I did not see discussed anywhere.

Ok, so I guess when people say they play through USB they use the other port on the DAC then. Thanks for replying both. The instructions that comes with the Bridge II shows Bridge II with USB port as well - although this has likely not been updated then.

Still no unit id though.

They should be updating the documentation to match reality.

My Bridge II is 7 or 8 months old. It came without the USB port. USB is no longer needed as updates are done online.

Bridge updates were always done online. The USB port was for emergency recoveries. Now there is the software (Windows only, as discussed elsewhere) that allows for rolling back firmware and the like.