Bridge III release date for DSD Sr?

Anyone know when Bridge III will release for DSD Sr? Also, will it support Octave Records DSD playback?

I don’t think anyone knows the date. There was some discussion recently where Paul said they weren’t sure if the “Bridge III” will be a slide in card, same as Bridge II, or a separate box. So the physical configuration is still undetermined. Paul has said that “Bridge III” would be at least six months behind the release of the Octave server. They want to get the software right in the server before putting it in “Bridge III”. Since the Octave Server is still a few months out don’t plan on Bridge III being available for many months.

Should add that “Bridge III” will support DSD. Octave Records DSD is just like any other DSD.

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Thanks pmotz!

I’ll have to decide the route I want to go. I was really liking some of the ideas Paul had for Octave regarding music info/album art etc. If the server had some equalization/room correction that would be nice as well. Any of this that they can provide with bridge III would be great since I already have a pretty bullet-proof NAS and mac setup that does not require another dedicated external server.

I’m mostly looking forward to DSD music being produced by Octave records. I LOVE all of the ‘Paul’s Picks’ benchmark tracks. If octave records is anything like ‘Paul’s Picks’ it will simply be a home run - Paul has a great ear for well recorded media imo.

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