When will Octave Records start releasing DSD music?

Hello All,

I’m really chomping at the ‘bit’ :wink: to play some new, well recorded, DSD music through my PS Audio DS DAC.

I recently watched Pauls video here:

Does anyone know when Octave Records will start releasing music?



Everything you play the DS is DSD :wink:

That is true…but I’d love some purposed music. Just not sure when that will happen.

…I’ll be keepin my ear to the rail

We’re hoping for our first release next month but more likely it will be March. 4 albums already in the can.


Wow, Paul himself answered! Thats so cool!

Thanks alot, Paul! I’ll be waiting! :slightly_smiling_face:

That Paul chime in in this community is rather the rule than the exception :+1:

Good. It’ll be worth the wait. We’ve just inked a deal for Don Grusin, brother of Dave Grusin, and can’t wait to hear how that works out.

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Frode has it right. I read every post made here and some I respond to when I think it’ll be helpful. Thanks for being part of our community.


I really appreciate the reply, Paul. :slight_smile:

One last question, I promise:

Will we be able to purchase the DSD music via download or will we need to purchase the DSD music via a SACD. I would love to stream the DSD music from my mac if possible. ~ In the past I have taken a DSD file(usually in DSF format) and converted it to a hybrid DSD format using a program called ‘DSD Master’ then I can play the hybrid DSD files in ‘Itunes’ with ‘BitPerfect’. My PS Audio DSD doesn’t seem to know the difference and shows the DSD rate and everything.

Will that work with Octave Record files? Would love to know your thoughts.

Thanks again, Paul! I watch all your videos. I’m a huge PS Audio fan.


Nice! I have at least two albums of him on GRP, which was also a good sounding label. Just play the Sticks and stones album, which is nice, a bit easy listening, but energetic fusion with balls and great sound.

I’m sure this will be interesting.

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Will you also be issuing Octave recordings on SACD?

Hi Paul,

Are there still plans for a YouTube video tour of the studio, with Gus talking about all the gear?

Would love a focus on speakers and room treatment used in the studio.

But also what DACs, cables, amps etc.


The Takacs Quartet are based in Boulder, they play regularly in London and are signed to Hyperion, also in London, and Fellows at the Guildhall School of Music. Got a concert of theirs coming up, Brahms quintets. Surely there must be a few strings that could be pulled to get them in at some point, after all they are in spitting distance.

Remember, music is not a test signal.

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Yes, but we’ve not done anything other than work the recordings. Thanks for the reminder.

Re: Signing Don Grusin;
So I guess Gus actually takes on the role that Larry Rosen had in GRP?
Looking forward to this!

There were a few nice GRP artists to take over :wink:

I’d just love to see also many multi instrumental recordings instead of mainly solo/duo.

They will be available album by album on SACD and download.


You don’t need to and no one is going to force you to purchase a $6K server. :slight_smile:

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Thank you - thank you - thank you!!

I understand you guys wanted to use the DSD format AND you guys want to maintain and secure your masters.

I figured you guys would want the same level of security, of your masters, that SACD encryption provides. I know using a trademarked technology like the 80bit encryption of SACD and associated decrypting hardware that provides an HD stream during the D to A conversion would be expensive - as what is used on the direct stream memory player(which authorizes it to output an HD stream from SACDs).

I just figured you guys would side step SACD entirely and encrypt your DSD media( which you guys personally recorded) through proprietary encryption software that would ONLY communicate with octave equipment. This would be great for PS audio - which would allow you guys to sidestep use of the SACD trademark technology and would probably(subsequently) allow you to not pay premiums associated with using that trademarked SACD encrypting/decrypting technology.

The problem to the consumer, i feared, in going the route of using PS Audio proprietary encryption software is we would only be able to enjoy your team’s DSD music(which you guys recorded personally) while using the proprietary octave equipment running PS Audio’s proprietary decryption software.

I’m very very VERY happy to hear you guys did not go that route and everyone can enjoy the DSD music your team is making without requiring people to purchase further proprietary decryption hardware.

I personally will be first in line to purchase ALL of your team’s DSD music and I hope making DSD music is another great revenue stream for PS Audio. I truly believe this venture will be an epic success for PS Audio and yet another great chapter for your company’s history.

Thanks again Paul.