Bridge x vs Pachanko streamer?

Right or wrong but I have a strong feeling that the weakest link in my system is the Bridge II.
It is old and “simple” piece of technology.

Anyone of you having good experience with Pachanko streamers?

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Thanks, so compared to the Bridge II is it better?

Which Pachanko unit are you looking at?

I believe it is but the Bridge is just for streaming.

The Pachanko units are servers so you would replace the Bridge and Roon Core that you currently have. But now you would need to add a USB cable to connect to the DAC.

Yea that’s correct new USB cable and more functionality for the Roon and server part, but does it sound better?
Price wise I’m interested to constellation mini se and reference :blush:

In my opinion yes it does. But like everything only you can really tell if it sounds better to you.

Yes that’s the case, I will need to test it myself :smiley: