Bryston BP-26 vs PS Audio BHK preamp

Hi all -

I am thinking of replacing my Bryston BP-26 preamp with the PS Audio BHK preamp.

Can anyone give me a sense of what difference I’d be hearing between the two?

thanks in advance…

I know this does not answer your question directly, but it does answer the question you didn’t ask…
You might possibly be floored by how good it sounds…(and uses only 2 12AU7 tubes)

There will not be any hint of brightness. Female vocals will be smoother and sweeter. Instruments will sound more real. Music will be more engaging. There will be a “magic” in your system that you did not have before. And when that magic does eventually fade in time, just replace the tubes (most likely every few years).

I’ve found the Bryston to be lean and lacking in bass, perhaps bright in my system.

Recently, borrowed and old Aragon Aurum preamp, found the sound not as bright, and the midbass better, punchier drums as well.

I am hoping that this trend continues if I purchase the BHK, sight unseen.

You might have mentioned before, but are you using rca or xlr cables between pre and power amps?

xlr audioquest water for the Bryston

rca Cardas for the Aragon (no xlr inputs)

oops…my mistake

pre to power… xlr audioquest water on both preamps

the previous post was between the CD source and the preamp

You can’t go wrong with a BHK Pre.
You also wouldn’t go wrong with the CJ Preamp. (It’s not that often that TMR mentions that a product sounds wonderful)
(I have both a CJ PV10AL preamp and a BHK Signature Preamp)
I also have a 24 year-old CJ amp that I sent back to CJ 3 years ago, and they upgraded the capacitors to teflon.

I’ll add an alternate option that’s fully solid-state but sounds as sweet and wonderful as any hybrid tube gear that I’ve heard in my system. Pass Labs XP-12 in my rig sounds wonderful and not at all bright. I replaced a BHK preamp with the Pass device and couldn’t be happier.

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