BHK Preamplifier Review after 6-months

Hi all -

It’s me again, Mr confused… I’m the guy that Paul did a Youtube video on stating that I put together the perfect BRIGHT system.

Anyway, I traded away my Bryston BP26 preamp, and purchased a BHK preamp.

The first thing i noticed that i thought the BHK sounded dull and vocals recessed. Then after a couple of months, I realized it wasn’t the case at all. What I really was experiencing was getting away from the bright/thin sound of the Bryston.

I realize now that the BHK is so much more realistic, and instruments aren’t congested anymore.

It’s something how you hate the way your system sounds, yet at the same time accept it as the baseline.

I can now listen to my bright B&W speakers (I know Paul is correct about me getting rid of them) for extended periods of time withouth fatique, because of the BHK preamp.

I never thought that each component is just as important as the next.