Burn in for used cables required?

If I buy a used PS Audio AC cable (or any cable) that has been used extensively, yet the cable was disconnected and left in storage for weeks or months, will the cable need to be broken in again?

If so, what is the explanation behind this?

One of the great mysteries of the world.

Some claim all cables need to be burned in and there are commercial sellers that provide cable cooking services asserting the cable will be broken in before it arrives at your door. Others claim that this will not do the job, and you need to break-in the cable every time it is moved or re-purposed regardless of how much it has been used.

I would not give it any thought. If you are interested in a used cable, buy it, put it in your system, and enjoy. If you notice changes after a few hours, let us know.

My experience is that used cables (and used components, for that matter) do need some break-in. But it is normally nowhere near as long as is needed for brand-new items.