Buzz from inside BHK PRE

This sorta has to do with a previous thread re: buzzing in my speakers. Apologies if I should have just put this in that thread.

If i put my ear near my BHK pre i hear a buzzing noise. Do other folks who have the BHK PRE hear a buzz noise coming from inside of the pre?
Wondering if this the reason for the speaker buzz as it doesnt occur when the pre not in use.

Also this probably unrelated. Recently after listening to music i heard a loud high pitched whine after the music stopped. It was coming from my BHK PRE. I restarted the unit and that noise went away

Are you running Genalex Gold Lion 12AU7 tubes. I personally and others have had that issue with the regulator squealing with those particular tubes.

No still the stock tubes

Mine did this a while ago. I swapped the tubes left to right, right to left, made sure they were seated tightly and it went away.

Checked it this morning and no buzz but the buzz still in my speakers
Had hoped they were related but alas they are not
The buzz in my speakers seems to be related to the pre…i removed the pre and MK1200 from the rack and just hooked them to the speakers

With just M1200 on and connected no buzz.

As soon as i turn on the pre the buzz returns.

I tried RCA instead of XLR and the buzz was louder.

Advised by your tech support to try well insulated XLR (mogami).

They have not arrived yet.

Seems to be related to the pre. It has gone away for a few weeks but then returned after the loud whine noise.

Do u think the buzz could be related to the tubes being loose?

It could be a tube failing or loose. Also try reseating the riser cards that are behind the tubes if they are not soldered into place.

Checkout this thread from last year.

Thank you