buzz sound in active speakers plugged on P10

Hello everybody,

I am using a P10 (European version) to power my equipment:

  • Illusonic IAP4

  • Genelec Home Audio active speakers

  • Interconnect Cables GoldKabel XLR executive

  • Power cables Golkabel executive ultra

the speakers are plugged on the high current socket (Zone E) and the Illusonic is plugged to a normal socket (Zone A)

Everything was sounding superb until a few days, I do have a buzz noise in the speakers. I tried by changing XLR and power cables, plugs, switching everything off and on and no success. I even exchange my Illusonic by a new one, still buzz noise…

I could stop the buzz noise by doing the following:

  • solution 1: I changed my XLR cable by RCA, and then no buzz noise anymore

  • solution 2: I kept my XLR cables but did not use the P10 and no buzz anymore.

I must say I am a bit puzzled… Does anyone have an idea on what could be the problem?

Thanks and regards

Guy (from France)