Speaker buzz new cable

I put in 5 new power cables and the sound is good but I find that at the beginning of Billie Eilish’s new XLcd new that I get a buzz in my speakers when playing loud at the beginning of the first few notes of the first track. Is this normal. I can play heavy bass and don’t have issue except for the beginning of Billlie aeolian first few note s first track play Ed loud. Is this normal? All other music is okay.

I should correct that it is Billie Eilishe’s newest CD.

I’m actually okay except for the beginning of the first track of the disc. Probably the recording as deeper lower bass frequencies don’t rattle.

Did you put back all of your older cables and test?

I don’t have my old cables. It is only a few notes at start of disc. No problem anywhere else with rattle and Billie’s disc is bass heavy.

Have you disconnected each speaker separately to see which one is exhibiting the behavior?

To be honest, I rarely play Billie Eilish ever since her first album. The level of intentional distortion is so great that I dive to lower the volume, and worry about my planars having a fit. No fun.

@aangen probably digs it. :wink:

Are you sure the buzzing emanates from your system? Try headphones or some other player to see if that buzzing is baked in.


Which album and which song?

Same here.


Exactly. Then again, I don’t like her music anyway, so.

Also, why does this post/question even exist in the first place, and why would you think it’s possibly the new cables?

If you ONLY hear some kind of buzzing within the first few notes of a certain song/CD and on nothing else, that pretty much tells you the buzzing is in the recording of that song/CD… And nothing else.

This post is exactly like this guy on Facebook the other day saying that his car goes into limp mode at a certain speed and shifts weird at that speed and that the check engine light is on. He runs the OBDII scanner on it and it tells him that both of his knock sensors are bad.

He then goes on to ask everyone what they think the problem could be…


Billie who?


LOL. Her album “Happier than Ever” is actually quite good. Track 4 “My Future” and Tracks 3 & 7 are worth a listen. Track 14 might be crazy wild with BACCH

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The buzz on the first few notes of the first track used to be present on my headphones only but since I upgraded 5 ac cables the buzz is no longer on my headphones but on my speakers. The remainder of the disc is much more bass heavy without the buzz. The 5 upgraded ac cables has improved the sound of my system.

does the album have a name?

Happier than ever. Billie Eislish 2nd disc. I get a rumble rattling during early few low notes but it stops and the disc goes very bassy no rattle.

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There have been several occasions in the last few years when I have thought my system was distorting in one way or another.
Each time it turned to be part of the music being played. Problem is, after so many years of recording quality improving (massively, for anyone on a budget) is that many (mostly younger) creators are pushing back against this and searching for “authentic” and analogue style sounds, hence all the sampled record scratches, “bitcrusher” FX and many many others.

Doesn’t help that many, maybe most producers / engineers never had to mix for anything other than digital until recently, so were not as aware of things like keeping deep bass in phase, not distorting it, not putting loads of reverb on it etc. etc.
All rules to be broken when appropriate of course, but not just for the sake of it.

Edit - also monitoring final mixes on smaller speakers only, which risks making bass sound massive on those, but downright weird on full frequency range systems such as many here own.

Meanwhile electric guitarists have been distorting since forever :slight_smile:

I just listened to “Getting Older”, and other than the intentional heavily reverbed synthesizer, do not hear any distortion.

The music source is the regular CD

I am listening loud when I hear the rattling and it’s only the first few notes.

have a decibel measurement, eg from iphone?

soon to listen

Listened at 90db, no buzz

Something is loose or your Rolex is on your speaker