Buzzing Quintessence

I’m using a quintessence as my power conditioner and main power switch. It is making a buzzing sound. Does that mean mean the transformer is going? Is it time to bury the old gal?

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I saw Buzzing Quintessence warm up for The Replacements at First Avenue in 1984


Their John Peel session is a classic!


Hey mikedc

Also own a Quintessence…sorry to her yours is buzzing…
just a thought …if you could unplug it from the wall and all equipment
plugged into you Quintessence…give it a chance to “settle itself down”
so to speak let it “rest” for an hour or so…then give the young mature
lady Quintessence a whirl…hopefully she’ll be back up to speed …

Don’t get rid of her just yet…

Best wishes

So mikedc what did you decide to do with the old gal?

Best wishes