Quintet power center

My quintet has failed me.
LED keeps blinking non stop, suspect power cartridge has failed.

Tried email service@psaudio.com but no response.

Anyway to request a new power cartridge to send overseas?

Welcome @exclusiv3

Hopefully someone will get back to you Tuesday after the holiday, if not before.

I apologize no one has gotten back to you. Generally you get a response within 24 hours. Maybe check your SPAM folder? If not, email me directly paul@psaudio.com and I’ll rattle their cage for you.

Unfortunately, the power cartridges for the Quintet are no longer available for replacement or repair. The company that years ago built those for us has long ago gone out of business and with it the parts necessary to repair them. I am very sorry.

Thanks Paul for your swift response.

So I suppose I’ll have to Trash it out.
Such a sad deal as it does result in a pretty good and audible performance.


The Dectet which replaced the Quintet is a really great piece and should be considered. It works really well at reducing noise on the line and has great protection circuitry. I’m sure our distributor in your area could get one for you.

I am so sorry. The Quintet was (and remains) one of my favorite products we ever made. I am very proud of that and for the most part the thousands remaining in the field should live long and productive lives. Know that it did give its life in service of protecting your equipment. That blinking indicates it saved you from a damaging surge or spike.

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The air bag of the audio world. :slight_smile:


Just a question, does all surge protector works that sale by sacrificing itself to save the equipment and no way to revive it after power surge?

Sorry for jumping in. Surge protectors / power conditioners are not disposable pieces of equipment. They trip or disconnect power when there is a surge, but you can reset them and resume listening. If conditioner fries due to a lightning strike, a very bad power surge, or as a result of using in manner contrary to manufacturer’s recommendations, then that is the exception. I have a Dectet which was feeding my main system. It used to trip at least twice a day due to power surges. After many years, it still works perfectly. Of course, those surges and interruptions drove me to getting a power plant, and that was a double gain:
a. The power plant improved sound quality as it regulates and cleans my current
b. It can endure those surges better than a power conditioner, so I can listen uninterrupted.
Now, Dectet serves a secondary system

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Maybe it is due to age that the component has failed.
Just wondering is there any Schmetic diagram for it? Hoping to troubleshoot but replacing the component.


Maybe someone can help with this.
I do have a cassette and want to give it to exclusiv3, but the shipping costs are high.
How do I get my cassette from the Netherlands to Singapore without the high costs?
Because I’m not sure if it will fit and work in exclusiv3’s device.
Is there anyone who travels from Singapore to the Netherlands or vice versa and wants to help an audiofelow.

If the costs are too high, I will advise you to purchase a dectet.

This is so nice of you. Thank you.
In Singapore the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

I am very grateful.
It will work here in Singapore.
Just that shipping is the only problem now. =(

Problem solved. :nerd_face:
The cartridge work.

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Thank you for your help :rose: