Quintet shut down

Thank you in advance.
I thought I would ask this question and possibly resolving before calling PS audio, I`m sure they are busy, any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I have a quintet just repaired a month ago with one year warranty and a duet here is my problem.

I have the duet and the quintet plunged into the same outlet same circuit

last night the quintet turned off then immediately back on twice, than this morning it did the same thing, probably 30 times during the day blue light blinking slow, the duet did nothing was not fazed at all.
I am not sure what to think, if the duet did the same thing than maybe I would think this is normal but the duet was not effected at all, just the quintet.
Thank you for reading and any help.

Contact PS Audio service for assistance. The Quintet is under warranty, have them deal with it.

Thank you for the link.

Come to think of it, I tried that before and never received a response.

Just tag @jamesh and he’ll take care of it.

That’s not the way it should be. My apologies no one got back to you.

Most of us pay no attention to the messaging system in the forums. That includes me.

I read every post on the forums instead - or try to.

Best way to get our attention is a phone call to 1-800-psaudio or to email us at

I’ll ping the guys in service for you.

Hello Paul
Thank you , I will give them a call today.