CAD Ground Control is Stereophile Product of the Year

The Ground Control is a passive device made by Computer Audio Design, UK, and is supposed to suppress extremely high frequency noise which the designer claims can have a very deleterious effect on sound quality despite being well above audio frequencies. Anyway, it is a product of the year in Stereophile and the reviews on the website are glowing. However, even their base device is not cheap at $2k, going up to $20k for the largest device. Does anyone have any experience with this product? It seems that reputable reviewers are extremely positive about the improvement it can produce, so I am very curious as to whether it may be a justifiable expense. As the base GC-1 unit can only provide ground for two system components, is anyone (assuming anybody is using these) using more than one GC-1 or the GC-3 which can ground up to six components. The designer/owner also claims great benefit if a dedicated unit is connected to the AC mains ground. Anybody tried this? If so, how efficacious was this compared to grounding system components? Anyway, lots of questions, I hope someone may have some light to shed on this product.

I am very interested in giving one of these a try. I will most likely buy the middle version as the $20k version seems like more than I will need. My dealer prefers to use two of the least expensive version as it gives him more flexibility. I could choose that way as well. All the reviews I have seen have been very positive.