Synergistic Research Grounding blocks

Hi everyone - about to have a play with a Synergistic research passive ground block with the new foundations cables . Wondering if anyone else has played with the Active or Passive units and what they have found with the PS Units

Audio bacon / Steves review certainly seems interesting Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE Review - Going Low to Get High - Audio Bacon.

Also looking for grounding point advice on the DSD DAC and the PS20 as well if anyone has had experiences

thanks G

I’ve never used one before but I’ll be curious as to how your experience goes. I’m trying out their Tranquility Pod and I hear absolutely no difference. I’m still in the 30 day trial period and I’m pretty sure this thing is definitely going back.

I have used many of the SR tweaks and really like them, however, for their ground boxes, I will pass. I have been using the Entreq ground boxes for 7 years now with great success. Especially their newest Infinity line of products (ground boxes or cables) are huge improvement over the original models. Highly recommend them.

One thing about the SR ground boxes is you have to buy their ground cables and there is no other choice. For the Entreq ground boxes, you can buy the ground cables from Entreq or you can use your own wires.

The new Entreq entry model starts at only about US$400 and you can connect two components to it.