Can a network cable be made from an HDMI cable?

Is this possible by cutting the connectors of the hdmi cable and assembling the ntwork cable connector?
What kind of performance will be in the cable we will obtain?

i have extra kimber hd29 hdmi cable :slight_smile:

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A network cable can be made from anything) The only question is how it will sound. Taking into account the fact that the total cross section of the HDMI cable conductors is not large, it is at most suitable for a low-current source. As I understand it, you do not like the sound of your HDMI cable, then most likely you will not like it as a network cable, since the sound will be formed by the same conductor and dielectric.
If you want to make a quality cable, then you need to use the highest quality materials.
P.S. I have been manufacturing pure silver cable products for more than twenty years, I get conductors manually by melting and pulling through a die :slight_smile:


as a happy owner of several silver power cords handmade by Yuriy, I can recommend you @lufubu to try his products - you will get maximum sound/spent dollars ratio cable. Yuriy knows how to work with thin materials, and it will also be additional support of masters from Ukraine :ukraine:


A lot of HDMI cable seems to be a mix of 24-32AWG conductors with most being the thinner gauge. This is thinner than what you find in ethernet so the ethernet connector won’t crimp right (most ethernet conductors are 24AWG). The pins on the jack are expecting to crimp a specific radius (and yes, there are both solid and stranded connectors). Additionally there are, something like, 4x or more the number of conductors, than ethernet. It would be kind of a mess. And let’s not start with if you should destroy or maintain the shielding as that’s a bit of debate itself.

I mean, you could make it work but stick with Amazon next day and spend the $5 :slight_smile:

There is actually a quite common HDMI standard that also passes Ethernet.

But what you are asking strikes me as being similar to could I make a decent oven from a toaster? Maybe, but why?


'cause all your food will taste like yummy toast.

It’s not about how much you spend, it’s what you get in return.
In a few forums it says that a very expensive network cable uses a cable that costs 1 euro per meter.