New Wireworld HDMI cables

With the discontinuing of the Platinum 7 line of HDMI cables, Wireworld has introduced a surprisingly cheaper line called the Silver Sphere that some people on another forum claim is better than the much loved Platinum for audio use. This Silver Sphere is not flat like the older Series 7, but is rated for 8K video, if that suggests anything. A 1 meter length goes for $300 - much less spendy than the Platinum. I’m wondering if anyone here has tried it yet or knows anything more about it. I’m tempted to give it a try since I missed the close out pricing on the 7.

Here’s another gem being discontinued.

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I have the sphere and silver sphere that was just shipped to me and arriving next week. It’s replacing the original WW red HDMI cable. I’ll keep you posted.

I bought a Silver Sphere. Unfortunately I don’t have a Platinum to compare it to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you received the Silver Sphere yet? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it. What is it replacing?

Also can you share the link to the other forum where people say they like it more than the Platinum Starlight? I’m surprised to find so little feedback on the Silver Sphere to date and just got a DMP, so I’m looking for and upgraded cable.

I got it, yes, but unfortunately only after I started ripping my system apart to pack up for a move. As to the comments - comment, actually, it was on Audio Aficionado.

Saw the thread, thanks. I’m going to order a pair today.

Any updates?

The dealer contacted me yesterday to say they ran out of stock on AQ Coffee HDMI and that AQ is reviewing its range to accommodate 8k. He offered Vodka plus a refund of the price difference.

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Vodka is a good cable. Especially at that price. More than adequate for i2s.

Thanks for the reassurance. I was concerned about downgrading from Coffee…

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Side by side they are pretty close. Coffee has an extra filter and DBS.

I have four of the Vodka. Two of them are use for i2s on Sonore Ultradigitals, Two are used for HDMI (Oppo Blu Ray, and NVIDIA Shield Pro). Also use Carbon HDMI.

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I have the Vodka too. Music Direct has a great deal on them going on.

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Whats the update on the comparison ?

Any update or any experience that can be shared on wireworld silver sphere ? Also does anyone have experience with audioquest firebird ?

I’m afraid my gear is still boxed up in my new place in Florida. It’ll still be some weeks before I get things sorted out to where I can get my system running. :neutral_face: :man_shrugging:

Has anyone tried the Audioquest ThunderBird 48 48Gbps 8K-10K HDMI Cable? Apparently this one has more silver in it than the lower priced Thunderbird eARC model.

Yes, I have a WireWorld Silver Sphere. It’s a good sounding cable, but compared to the discontinued Platinum 7, it’s quite lifeless. But not a surprise at roughly 25% the price.


I have WW SS, no comparison available for me however. RAL eventually hopefully possibly coming soonish

…more or less; maybe more - or longer.