Can i use power generator with no ground at power outlet

Dear PS audio,
I have no ground at the power outlet 240v at my apartment living room. There are only grounding in kitchen and bathroom. I would like to buy a power plant generator, can i use it without grounding? The reason i think i need the power generator. I have big headache after listening to my hifi after 3/4 hours. All my dac and pre/power amp have no grounding. Once i bring my headphone amp to test at my friend place, i have no headache after hours of listening. Then when i bring it home. Big headache.

So can i use power generator without grounding? Thank you.

The owners manual is a useful reference.

The answer is no. Every power point in a 240V domestic residence should have an earth. 240V is deadly.

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I just rent the place, i do not design it’s electrical supply. I think the apartment block from end of 70’s or early 80’s, they have different safety rules at that era. i did not hear of anyone killed by electric shock in that apartment block. only jealous ex boyfriend stab woman. No earth seem to be safe for most consumer equipment.

I’m not familiar with the European standard 240V residential branch circuits: assume European. However, the National Electrical Code (NEC) in the US allows for an exception on un-grounded receptacles. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) can be used on un-grounded receptacles. The receptacle must be marked with the words “GFCI Protected” and “No Equipment Ground.”

In my opinion, this exception is a fine compromise and much safer than nothing. The only alternative being to replace all the un-grounded wiring in your home with new.

Please consult with a skilled electrician knowledgeable about the governing building codes in your area. I would also call PS Audio to consult directly with them about their power plants. Some equipment can cause nuisance GFCI tripping along with other issues.

GFCI yes, there are such thing. but not tested yet. I am not paying for electrician, because it is an rental place. I just want to fix my hifi issue - giving me headache. but it has excellent, dynamic, detail, air and tremendous bass. Only problem, headache when listening to my hifi.

The manual says no. So the answer is no.

The owner of the building has an obligation to ensure the electrics are code compliant. It’s not something a tenant has to pay for.

I am quite sure it is code compliant, in this country for apartment of this age.
No ground.

i to run a long line from my kitchen. i really prefer to use the power outlet next to the amp.

It is legal an just as deadly with earth. But you need to be very unlucky, I have survived several incidents with 240V :wink:
In Norway the rule is that you can´t mix outlets with and without earth in the same room. New houses have earth in all outlets.