PS Audio Dectet, ground connection

Today i ordered a PS Audio Dectet. I do not have a grounded socket in my audioroom. Is that positive or negative to the PS Audio Dectet ?

Tore, norway

You do not a ground for everything to work. The ground is mainly for safety so you will not get shocked if you touch a metal chassis that is somehow energized. Also especially with computers and digital equipment, it can help drain most of the electrical noise to ground. If you have noise problems, its best to bring a ground to your outlet.

OK, so you do not think the ground is a important part of Dectet`s design?

My Audio PC is a Phasure Stealth Mach 3. It has a switch to breake the ground-connection because the ground can get noise to the PC.

Noise can go either direction so sometimes lifting a ground is preferable. Not sure if ground is part of the design, but should work without ground. The filtering is mostly on the hot wire.