Can the Airlens do volume control?

Maybe I could have added this question to that +2600 post Airlens thread, but I wouldn’t want to derail it. :grinning:

Some streamers can do volume control. Lumin streamers are one example.

Can the Airlens do volume control?

Best I’ve been able to tell, no.

You’ll have to control volume via whatever software solution you decide to use. The Leedh volume control system used by Lumin is also a software based volume control. Though Lumin was the first to adopt it there are now several other companies using it.

It hasn’t been mentioned, IMO. Volume control doesn’t seem a valuable option in a universe where both the PSA preamp and dac already have their own volume control. It would complicate matters technically and probably sound wise and potentially raise the price tag.


When I brought one home a few weeks ago it did not. The unit itself will not have any ability to adjust the volume.


I agree with your opinion, but I was also curious about how it may or may not work with hardware other than PSA.

@jamesh How do you like it? Did you try it with a MKI or MKII?

It was killer man! I can’t wait to get my hands on one to keep. I just ran it into my DSJ. I’m going to try and slide in as a beta tester myself for it :grin:


That’s great news. I am really looking forward to comparing it to our Signature Rendu. If it equals or bests the Rendu, that will be quite the achievement. Especially at nearly one-third the cost.

Please consider me for the beta.

Happy Friday!

If I remember right, I was on the “original” beta list going around over one year (could be longer) ago. :grin:


I would also like to beta the Airlens. It would give me an I2s output for the MKII.

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