PS Audio AirLens


He is my life coach.

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My original reply to Paul was poorly stated.

I should have described how Roon Optimized Core Kit. on a NUC is not running on top of another OS.

R.O.C.K. is the OS and no other OS nor apps can be installed.

I’ve been using R.O.C.K. / NUC since Roon released it and have never looked back.

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Didn’t Paul have a computer dog at one time? I suspect the novelty wore off pretty quick.

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Got rid of it because it kept dropping batteries on the carpet :slightly_smiling_face:


When is the Airlens going to be shipped?

You are asking the million dollar question. Lol

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Wondering if the power supply improvements will cause another delay.

Canadian dealer told me October.

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They are in production now, though we are still waiting on Roon certification. Sigh. Without that certification we’re not going to ship. That is because if they don’t certify the Lens then it won’t show up as a usable device on Roon.


Thanks, Paul! Any update on price? As I recall, you had estimated about 2K a while back.

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Will it help if Roon subscribers here contact them and ask them to speedup certification?

I would be surprised if that were successful.

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I don’t know much about them and don’t subscribe. Just a thought.

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The odds of this being successful are the same odds of me being 25 years old again.


That is terrific news. It’s been a long long time coming
Hopefully, I am still on the beta test list.

My ceiling lights system was Roon Ready certified in 6 months. Proof that miracles happen.

Perhaps that’s because they were a younger company with less to do.

Last I heard it was still $2K.


To the contrary, they brought onboard as a consultant someone with a lot of Roon implementation experience (the technical director of Naim).