Can Trio C-100 be used as a preamplifier?

I have a PS Audio Trio C-100 integrated amplifier and I recently bought a tube-based power amplifier. I wonder if I can keep using the Trio as a preamplifier with no speakers connected.

The Trio does have AUX outputs but it doesn’t have any way of disabling the speaker output. I wonder if it cause any harm if I ran the amp with speakers not plugged in.

Yup! Works just fine as a preamp if needed. I double checked with our engineering team for you and they did not have any red flags.

What tube amp did you pick up?

Thanks for the quick reply. Very appreciated!

I got PrimaLuna prologue 4: - it is a very fun amplifier. I am glad I can keep my PS Audio integrated and use it as a preamp!

Great choice! PrimaLuna makes some nice gear. Be careful, though, tube rolling can be an expensive rabbit hole :wink: