PS Audio S300 - tube or Class A SS preamplifier recommendation

So I’ve decided to explore Class D and based on some positive write-ups of the PS Audio S300, I’ve acquired a trial version. I’m currently using it with a Quad 99 pre preamp and it’s currently working pretty well but I want to explore.

I’m hoping to hear experiences from users of this amplifier and a matching preamp. I’m not interested in the dac/pre from PS Audio or the Schiit Freya. Nothing against the Freya (and Saga), I’ve just had some experience with this pre and know it’s not for me. My preferences are tube but a strong match with a class A pre would also be ok.
My only real requirement is a remote control and one that is well implemented. Budget is up to $2k. My source is an Rega CD Apollo-R and Bluesound Node streamer with various DACs.

Any input is appreciated.

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While I have a Conrad Johnson tube preamp that mates well with the PS Audio M1200’s, there is a used PrimaLuna tube preamp for $2200 at tmraudio (and prices are negotiable). But I do not have personal experience with PrimaLuna.

They also have a PrimaLuna integrated tube amp for just $100 more.

Or you could wait for a used Pass Labs integrated amp to show up at tmr.

Thank you for the welcome. Yes, I’m looking forward to experimenting with this amp. So far promising but I do need to find the right preamp. Compared to my Quad 909 and Quad 99 pre it’s close but the Quad pair definitely gives me more enjoyment.


You may have your answer, as the Quad pair at the price with the right speakers can be a real treat.

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@weedeewop…shhhh. We don’t want anyone else to know about the Quad 909 / 99 pre combination. It’s magic and I have it as my Class A/B goto setup.

But in all seriousness and as mentioned in this post, I’m trying the Class D PS audio S300 and I’m looking for a matching preamplifier.

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