Dear Paul, what about making a produce similar to this?

I recently bought a pair of Tannoy active speakers for my desktop system. I want some tube magic but don’t want to spend big $$$ on a tube pre-amp so I come across this device:

Fosi Audio P1, its only 50 bucks on Amazon.

Which makes me wonder, why don’t PS audio apply some of their tube buffer magic from their BHK or M1200 line and make just a compact Tube buffer stage? There is the Sprout100, what about a Sprout100 Tube Pre?

I’d love to jump on one.

I imagine it’s a quality over quantity issue for PSA.

I have one of these (have had it for over 12 years, bought when it was cheaper) between a PS Audio NuWave DAC and a PS Audio GCHA. GREAT little unit.

It’s not cheap but that’s also a good thing (it is far from cheaply made).


Thanks for linking the Decware, too bad they have such a long wait time. I’m going to order one.

I’m hoping PS audio comes up a device like that with a similar price tag around 500-700 bucks.

But what do I know… /shrug.