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Hello to all you ‘Joke-lovers’…

I was cruzing the forum this evening and wanted to visit the Cartoons thread.

As I started to scroll down, I started to come across all those cartoon’s by Rodriguez.

Oh, man that that put a smile on my face and also brought back memories.

After Stereo Review folded a couple of fellow Audiophiles got all his cartoons together and published a super fun Rodriguez cartoons.

Anyway, I ordered their book right after it came out. It came the same day as I borrowed a brand new Pioneers-Elete line cd player.

So I sat down at the dinning room table , plugged in the AKG headphones, opened the book and provided to laugh my head off.

I spend about 2 hours savoring all the cartoons. It was an amazing “audiophile” experience. I will treasure that time forever.

So anyway, thanks for the great memories and now I need to find that book again. I even wrote to them and expressed my delight in reading their book. I asked it there will be another edition? But they were sort of sorry about the total lack of enthusiasm for the first book so they doubted that they will do another book.

I was real sad when I heard that.

So thanks again.

I thought he caught the hobby in every way possible. And they are all so relatable.

I love this one. Power products bring us such joy! I just posted this on the Decware High Fidelity Engineering Facebook page, I became the editor this week.


Wow! Thanks for that one. Haven’t seen good ol’ Reddy Kilowatt in, well, in a very long time . . .

“How long have you been playing the bike?” asked Steve, “About two weeks,” Frank replied.

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Howard said

Wow! Thanks for that one. Haven’t seen good ol’ Reddy Kilowatt in, well, in a very long time . . .


Thanks for the chuckles, lonson! I actually saw that Frank appearance on Steve Allen just earlier this year for the first time. I miss Frank’s musical curiosity.

Ha~! I bet that was a gas. Frank was an iconoclast who made good. What a mind!

I agree with a friend of mine who said Frank could say “Isn’t this cool?” and “F YOU” simultaneously.

Here it is