Cartoons in Copper

I have found the Cartoons in Copper to be completely unfunny and terribly drawn. I’ve made comments that apparently don’t pass moderation.

Does anyone else share my opinion? FYI, I loved most of the old Rodriguez (sp) from Stereo Review, so am happy to laugh at our audiophile foibles.

Happy Listening!


Those Rodriguez cartoons are setting a pretty high bar for a small rag like Copper to aspire to.

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I do not recall you making any previous comment regarding the cartoons, and see no reason not to entertain constructive criticism.

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I’m not crying censorship, and you may have logs that show no previous comments from me. Be that as it may, I find these cartoons completely without humor or editorial value, and visually bankrupt.

Harsh? Yes and while I appreciate that Copper is free, I find that the cartoons are still overpriced.

I responded to your comment:

No such moderation occurred; nothing was edited or deleted.

With all questions of taste, De gustibus non est disputandum.

llegitimi non carborundum!


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As a new-as-of-right-now Copper reader, it was just awful having to do all that scrolling to the very end of the issue for the cartoon. Maybe consider moving it to the very top of the magazine, or repeating it at regular intervals throughout.

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What’s Copper?

For me, the cartoons are the least important reason I read Copper. They are simply gravy. The other content is what I appreciate, And if it is not what turns me on, I don’t whine. There is always next month.