Cartridge loading


I’m new to the forum and just recently purchased NuWave Phono Converter. I got myself modified Technics SL-1200MK2 and Ortofon Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge. What would be optimal cartridge loading on NPC? Ortofon Cadenza Black specs recommends load impedance greater than 10 Ohms. So does it mean I have to make minimum NPC allows (i.e. set it to 60 Ohm)? I noticed that if I raise impedance, I get more hum and unwanted noise.


Yes, keep it as low as possible.

Thank you. In general, how does changing cartridge loading affect the sound? If I raise impedance, I guess, I get more hum, right? If I lower it, do high frequencies get cut off? Or it is not the case with moving coil?



Cartridges tend to peak at the higher frequencies (sound brighter) as the impedance goes up. Plus, on a moving coil, noise increases a bit too.